The Need

Today, Autism is the most newsworthy disability, having a 1 in 68 diagnosis rate. It is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the United States and research shows that this number will continue to rise.

The increasing adult population with special needs is a global problem. The number of adults living with special needs is unimaginable. In every state, every county and every town, many of these adults are on a waiting list for services and support. The number of children that are given a diagnosis of a special need each year is truly unthinkable. Without programs to transition to adulthood, these children will eventually be placed on already long waiting lists and join the number of adults spending their days at home.

After high school, the ‘next step’ for adults with special needs only exists if they have the proper programs to transition to. Without these programs, that offer the necessary stimulation, therapy and skill training, there is no opportunity for a future of any kind. Government assistance for adults with special needs is earmarked for services. Services only exist if there are programs. Programs are only created when the parents and community members build them. Their future is in our hands.


The Initiative

We have a global problem, but Fill-A-Need Foundation has a local solution. One of the Foundation’s goals is to design, develop, and manage a self-sustaining, green campus for Adults with Autism and other special needs called The Hamlet. The Hamlet will have a vocational training program called Hamlet Academy where each student will be offered a continuation of life skills, therapy and education. In addition, professionals will identify and hone in on each student’s passions and skills. Once their skills are identified, an individual program will be put in place to allow each student to develop to their fullest potential. Through these skills, the students’ creations will support a financially self-sustaining campus.

The Hamlet is where special needs, environmental concerns and community involvement come together.

Environmental Needs

The Hamlet campus will aim to be a platinum-grade green campus. It will implement the latest green technologies to protect the environment, create energy efficiency, help water conservation, improve air quality, and reduce overall operating costs. Environmental initiatives within the campus will provide a safer and healthier experience for all.

Special Needs

Hamlet Academy will be a place where adults with Autism and other special needs will begin to build their future. They will be able to maintain their social and educational skills, while developing new vocational skills of their choice. These skills will be the building blocks for exploring passions, securing employment and creating a life of independence.


Community Needs

The Hamlet will be built within a community. The campus will offer a shared space where community members can gather and interact with one another. It will be a place for shopping, dining, and enjoying recreational activities; while exploring the creations and unique talents of the students.