The Hamlet

Hamlet \ham-let'|- A small village

Fill-A-Need Foundation will create a self-sustaining green campus that offers a vocational and therapeutic day program for adults with special needs called The Hamlet. “I need a place to develop my dream and where my passion is part of the plan”
When an adult with special needs comes to us and asks, “What's my future?” We tell them, The Hamlet.
Hamlet Academy

The Academy

The Hamlet Academy is designed to function like a community college, but is structured like a vocational training program. Adults with special needs will be able to continue with therapy, education, social skills, and life skills while learning vocational skills of their choice. The students will have the proper individual support and each student will have a schedule that is designed specifically for them. Hamlet Academy will be staffed with professionals and educators who are highly trained to create a stimulating and loving environment for the students.

Hamlet Plaza

The Plaza

The Hamlet Plaza will be located in the front of the campus and open to the general public. The Plaza will be a place to enjoy socializing with friends and family offering shopping and dining; while exploring the creations and unique talents of the adults with special needs that will attend Hamlet Academy.The Plaza is part of the vision to provide the students of the Academy a proper learning environment to develop specific job skills. It will also offer employment opportunities to the community as well as to the graduates of the Hamlet Academy. The most important element of the Plaza is that it is a major component in creating the self-sustaining environment that will be the foundation of the campus.


The Acres

The Acres will be a designated open area that will be located in the back of the campus. It will be a place that offers family oriented activities and seasonal events throughout the year for the community to enjoy. The creation of the activities and events will give the students of the Academy hands on learning in many of the departments offered to the students. The openness of the land will give the campus endless options to help fulfill the mission of bridging the gap.


The Nursery

The Hamlet Nursery will be located in the front of the campus and will be open to the general public. The Nursery will be supported by the Academy's Green Thumb Department where students learn to plant, grow, and care for flowers and greenery. The finished products are brought to the Nursery to be sold. The sales of these creations will be a significant part of the self-sustaining environment. The community will be offered employment as well as benefits from having the beautiful pants, shrubs, and flowers created by the hands and hearts of the students.


The Stables

The Hamlet Stables will provide horses for the students of the Academy. Under the supervision of a horse trainer, the students will learn to care for the horses as well as having the opportunity to learn to ride. The Stables will be open to the community to enjoy horseback riding lessons and any additional activities the stables might provide.



The Hamlet will be a state of the art platinum-grade green campus. It will implement the latest green technologies to protect the environment, create energy efficiency, help water conservation, and improve air quality. Environmental initiatives within the campus will provide a safer and healthier experience for all.



Fill-A-Need Foundation found two creative solutions to support the vision of providing an affordable tuition based program. One solution is that the Hamlet will be a green campus supporting the environment and lowering the overall operating cost. The other solution is within the function of the campus. The Academy supports the exterior elements that are open to the general public and the community supports The Academy. The combination of the two solutions will create a financially self-sustaining campus.

Bridging The Gap


Fill-A-Need Foundation recognizes that each individual with a special need is capable of learning skills and developing to their fullest potential. We acknowledge that a diagnosis is not in question. Rather, we question what are the needs of each individual to be successful? The staff will focus on the abilities that lie in each and every student, with full belief that they will learn.